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Paradigm Engineers and Constructors is currently designing for the replacement of three (3) 50,200 #/hr water tube boilers including all existing associated equipment, piping and systems within the existing boiler plant, including but not limited to:a. Steam and Condensate Piping System

b. Water Piping System

c. Natural Gas Piping System

d. Fuel Oil Piping and Pump System

e. Burners and Burner Controls

f. Chemical Feed and Ventilation System

g. Deaerator System

h. PRV Stations

i. Combustion Air Control System

j. Motor Control Center

k. Site Glass Video Monitoring System

l. Continuous Blowdown System

m. UPS Control Power System

n. Convert controls to DDC


Included in the project design:

a. Building Maintenance Compressed Air System

b. Water Softening System

c. Building Task Lighting

d.  Force Protection Measures

e.  New Control Room

f.  Survey for asbestos and lead materials and design for lead and asbestos abatement